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Riva coastal area in central Split - Walk, shopping, restaurants.

Holiday Packages Flight ticket

Holiday Packages Flight ticket

Split - the city worth visiting.

 Split is the second largest Croatian city and the administrative, economic and cultural Dalmatian center. This vibrant city situated on a peninsula on the Adriatic coast has previously been mostly a transit place for visitors who went on to one of the wonderful islands surrounding Split. Lately the city itself has become very popular for visitors that like to stay here to take part in the lively nightlife and wide range of restaurants with really good food.
Here you have the opportunity within walking distance to find almost everything you can imagine for a successful holiday.
Although Split is a big city, it is perfectly possible to combine all the good things that a large city offers with spending time in the sun on one of many beaches that are also within walking distance of the city center.
If you get tired of the pace in the city then you can jump on one of the many boats that head to nearby islands to rest, swim and relax. Split is simply a travel destination in Croatia that offers the possibility of a holiday with varied activities.

Attractions in Split

Split is a city with a long history.

Split's story began 1700 years ago when Roman Emperor Diocletian built his residence palace in the 200th century. The palace is preserved and is known under the name of Diocletian's Palace in today's Split. The Diocletian's Palace is one of the largest preserved buildings in the world from the glory days of the Roman Empire. After the death of Diocletian, people from nearby villages began to move into the palace and build their own smaller buildings in the palace itself. Today's old town consists of the palace and buildings that were eventually built into the palace itself.

What to visit and do in Split

If you have decided to travel to Split, then it is good to have a plan on how to spend your time in the city to see all the important sights and choose the best excursions that are offered.
  •  A common place in Split is the Diocletian's Palace. Entry is subject to a fee currently at 25 Croatian kunas.
  • Jupiter Temple is nearby and is also one of the important places worth visiting. The Temple was built in the 200th century and dedicated to the god Jupiter.
  • Galeria Meštrović is an art museum built in 1958 dedicated to one of the most prominent Croatian architect and sculptor Ivan Meštrović, named after him.
  • The Cathedral of Saint Dominus is a Roman Catholic Cathedral and Cathedral of Split - Makarska Archdiocese. The cathedral is dedicated to Split's patron saint, Saint Dominus.

Do not forget that in Croatian churches you must have long pants to enter. It is possible to take a guided tour to the most important places in the city if you wish.

Trogir is a small idyllic town 25 km north of Split which is on UNESCO heritage list and another gem worth visiting. The city's old core is cramped with charming alleys, small shops and outdoor cafes. The old town center is actually located on a small island surrounded by walls from the 1400s. There are also city halls and a cathedral. The newer part of the city extends over the sea coast and to a larger island nearby.

National park Krka

To make an excursion to the national park Krka whilst on trip to Split is something no one should miss. Krka National Park together with Plitvice lakes are the most visited national parks in Croatia with about one million visitors a year. Unlike Plitvice lakes, at Krka national park you are actually allowed to swim. We advise to reserve a ticket in advance.

How to best travel to Split.

Here you have several travel options to choose from. The fastest and most convenient way to travel to Split is by taking a flight. The city has its own airport which is 2nd busiest airport in Croatia and is open all year round. Split's airport is located in a small town named Kastela 23 km outside of Split. At the airport itself, everything you might need when arriving to a new country is available: Bank, post office, several ATMs, taxi companies, car companies and tax-free shops.

Airport buses to and from the airport Split

Organized airport buses from Split Airport to Split city center leave 30 minutes after each flight arrival as well as 90 minutes before each flight from Split city center to the airport.
  Here we have prepared everything you need to buy a flight ticket to Split for those of you who have the plan to travel by air. When you arrive, it can be convenient to use public transport to get around the city. But if you want to experience as much as possible and have the freedom to stay wherever you want, it might be a good idea to rent a car. In order for you to really get a car mid peak season, we recommend booking the car in advance. Here at you have the opportunity to rent a car in advance directly online from the best car hire company in Croatia.

Drive to Split and Croatia.

One of the popular ways to travel to Croatia is to drive there, especially for families. One can use such a trip to visit most places through Europe that one might wish to see. A car trip can be justified if there is more of you, both environmentally and cost-effectively. Here we have a guide that can help you prepare your drive to Split in Croatia.
Split also has good connections with the rest of Croatia in terms of trains and bus traffic so it is possible to make use of these routes.
Diocletian's Palace is an ancient Roman palace in Split, Croatia
 Riva is the main place in Split for relaxation, walking, drinking coffee.
Cathedral of Split,  Saint Domnius Cathedral
Old town center in Split