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Lovely holiday on the Croatian sea coast

Exclusive travel guide to Croatia's destinations!

Exclusive travel guide to Croatia's destinations!

Choose the best destination for your vacation in Croatia.

Once you decide to travel to Croatia, these questions inevitably arise: How will I travel? What places should I visit in Croatia? Which accommodation should I choose?

Croatia is a versatile country that is most famous for its long beautiful Adriatic coast with 1185 islands and Mediterranean climate. Between the Adriatic coast and the inland, there are mountain regions Lika and Zagora with a mountain climate, in contrast to northern Croatia where there is a continental climate. Croatia offers more than just an ocean for swimming and beaches for tanning. There are many well-preserved old towns with a history that extends back to the Roman Empire. Croatia also has eight national parks and eleven nature reserves that offer both a beautiful scenery along with excellent food and wine. Due to the many interesting destinations in Croatia, it can be difficult to make a decision. This guide is here to help you. Welcome to

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